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In its long history, Carroll County has been home to many villages, towns, crossroads communities, and one city.  In modern times, Delphi, the county seat, is the only city, and the incorporated towns are Flora, Burlington, Camden, and Yeoman.

There are many other small communities such as Patton, Sleeth, Pittsburg, Lockport, Rockfield, Burrows, Deer Creek, Wheeling, Sharon, Carrollton, Bringhurst, Cutler, Radnor, Ockley, Owasco, and Pyrmont.  Numerous other communities are still marked on some maps, but they are barely discernible now.  Lexington, Prince William, Xenia, Bolivar, Flax, and Ray are among those.  There were as many as 49 post offices in Carroll County since early times, and a large number of those sites are no longer visible.