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Law enforcement, fire, and medical services are dispatched through 911 in Carroll County.

Emergency Medical Services

Ambulance and emergency medical services are provided through the county, with vehicles presently stationed in Delphi, Flora, and Burlington.  The administrative office phone number is 765-564-6701.

Emergency Management Office

Emergency Services of other types, including weather and health emergencies, are coordinated through the County Emergency Management office, located in the court house in Delphi, phone number 765-564-0028.

Fire Departments

Volunteer Fire Departments are located in Delphi, Flora, Camden, Burlington, Cutler, Burrows, and Rockfield.

The Delphi Tri-Township Fire Department is housed in the City Building in Delphi and can be reached for non-emergencies at 765-564-2234.  They have 31 active volunteers who serve or assist other departments in a large area.

The Flora Volunteer Fire Departmentat 574-967-4668 has 25 volunteers and also assists other area departments as well as protecting the Monroe Township area.

The Camden-Jackson Township Fire Department can be reached for non-emergencies at 574-686-2785.  Its volunteers assist in community activities as well as providing fire protection.

The Democrat Township Volunteer Fire Department is  housed in Cutler and can be reached at 765-268-2691.

The Burlington Volunteer Fire Department is also very active in civic affairs and hosts the local Kiwanis Club every Saturday morning for their meeting and breakfast.  They can be reached at 765-566-3255.

Burrows and Rockfield also have volunteer fire departments which cover their areas of the county.