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In 1976, former Lieutenant Governor Robert D. Orr and the Indiana Department of Commerce's Division of Agriculture, now the Indiana State Department of Agriculture, created a statewide program called the Hoosier Homestead Award.

The program recognizes farms that have been owned by the same family for one hundred years or more and stresses the contributions these family farms have made to the economic, cultural and social advancement of Indiana.  The farm must consist of more than 20 acres or produce more that $1000 of agricultural products per year.  Awards are made for 100, 150, and 200 years—Centennial, Sesquicentennial, and Bicentennials Awards.  About 4,500 such farms have been recognized.

Information of historical value on each Hoosier Homestead farm is deposited with the Indiana State Archives.  There have been a number of successful applicants from Carroll County.  A list follows of the award winners with the date of the original ownership of the land by that family. 

Armstrong, Thomas Bitler and Betty Sue Armstrong, 1850
Armstrong Family, 1916
Austin, Andrew Blair, 1845
Baker, Carl A. and Mildred Million Baker, 1895
Barnard, George, 1893
Beard, Linda K., 1829
Beard, John M., 1818
Beckner, Roger D. and Julie K. Beckner, 1829
Been, Benjamin S., 1845
Benjamin, Mary C., 1889
Billings, Donald J. and Charles T. Billings, 1881
Black, Kim and Annette Black, 1895
Blue, Fred P., 1837
Bordner, Robert J. and Lola Dell Bordner, 1852
Bowman, Mary Fouts and Pauline Fouts Kirkpatrick, 1854
Brown, Curtis R. and Susan Brown, 1848
Brown, Glenn A., 1873
Brown, Robert L. and Quincine J. Brown, 1898
Brown, Thomas C., 1836
Brubaker, Eva May Sink, 1827
Brubaker, Blaine & Brenda, 1832
Brubaker-Kingery Family, 1827
Caldwell, Glay L. and Mamie Caldwell, 1866
Calhoun, Patricia Thomson and Delores Thomson, 1854
Calhoun, William, 1867
Calhoun, William Webster, 1875
Calvert, Mary P., 1844
Carbaugh, Pauline E., 1895
Childers Family, 1889
Chittick, J.M., 1871
Cohee, Luther M., 1835
Cohee, Laurene and Gladys Ridder, 1886
Cooke, Kenneth, 1835
Crowel, Lucile, 1851
Davis, Thelma Metsger, 1893
Diener, David, 1900
Dickinson, Donald D. and Patricia J. Dickinson, 1837
Dillman Family, 1909
Dillon, Robert and Elva Stephen Dillon, 1844
Douglas, Effie S., 1869
Downham Family, 1910
Downham, John T., 1887
Downham, John T. and Elizabeth Downham, 1887
Egelhoff, Howard L. and May L. Egelhoff, 1856
Fellows, Larry & Alice, 1915
Flora, Hallie Mae Gwinn and Deloris Jeanette Flora, 1861
Flora, George E., 1875
Flora, Gordon Lee and Patricia Jane Flora, 1882
Flora, Jack M. and Betty Flora, 1882
Flora, Noah and Emma Flora, 1905
Flora, Richard and Alan Thompson, 1905
Forgey, Thomas I., 1869
Fossnock, Dale E., 1897
Fouts, Joseph K., 1831
Frank, Evelyn, 1848
Frey, Janice, 1864
Funkhouser, Lewis  H. and Richard Funkhouser, 1853
Gasaway, Gladys, 1895
Grantham, Richard and Polly Grantham, 1846
Guckien, Nora E., 1852
Guckien Family
Hanna, Robert L. and George L. Hanna, 1830
Hayes, Hazel D., 1881
Herr, Robert Jones, 1893
Hiatt, Jack and Mary Hiatt, 1864
Hood, Frank, 1863
Jervis, Marvin V., 1851
Johnson, Lawrence and Mary Ellen Johnson, 1869
Jones, Carl, 1902
Jones, Charles L. and Eva M. Jones, 1870
Kearns, Robert William, 1876
Kennedy, Mary Agnes, 1870
Klinker, Nancy J. and Gerald F. Klinker, 1887
Knight, Taylor and Sarah Lorene Hayes Knight, 1876
Koble, Edwin D., 1864
Landes, Carl F. and Marjorie Landes, 1893
Landes, Max, Jr. and Winifred Landes, 1839
Landis, Gladys, 1866
Leahy, Peter and Anthony Hanrahan, 1876
Lohrman, Wayne and Marian Lohrman, 1895
Mabbitt, Margaret, 1837
Martin, C. Gardner, 1842
Martin, William J., 1846
Martin, Fred and Martha Martin, 1864
Martin, Ernest, 1834
Martin, Robert A., 1848
Mathews, George, 1829
Maxwell Farm, 1895
McCain, Adriene B., 1855
McCain, Fred L. and Gordon E. McCain, 1865
McCain, John R., 1830
McCormick, Mary, 1890
McDowell, John C., 1826
Mears, Bertha, 1881
Mikesell, Paul, 1864
Milburn, Henry and Cheryl, 1833
Miller, Timothy L., 1860
Miller, Erdene, 1848
Miller, Gerald E., 1888
Miller, Donald R. and Elizabeth Hershberger Miller, 1848
Million, Esther Clayton, 1855
Million, Cecil S., 1851
Mills, Steven Brent, 1860
Modisett, Tom Fouts, 1872
Moore, Isa Mabel, 1865
Moss, Jack and Betty Moss, 1886
Moyer, Marion Sibbitt, 1853
Mullin, Merlin and Deloris Mullin, 1901
Mullin, Lewis N., 1834
Mullin, Mabel E., 1834
Mullin, William, 1877
Myer, Kenneth H. and Donnabelle Myer, 1834
Mylet, John J. and Joseph O. Mylet, 1863
Newell, Kenneth Powell, 1855
Orem Family
Peterson, Joseph E. and John C. Peterson, 1888
Peterson, Elsie M., 1875
Pullen, Carol and Jane Pullen, 1885
Reiff, Elmer, 1918
Roach, Donald E. and Mary E. Roach, 1887
Robbins, Belle, 1882
Robertson, Ray and Eileen Pullen, 1882
Robeson, Leroy, 1864
Robeson, Charlene Yeager, 1843
Sandifur, James F. and Nellie R. Sandifur, 1837
Schnepf, Esther Wingard and Fritz G. Schnepf, 1835
Schnepp, Robert J., Mary and Leslie Allen Schnepp and Patricia VanHoosier, 1888
Scott, Ivan L. and Janet E. Wilken, 1855
Scott Family, 1888
Seward, William Floyd, 1835
Shaffer, Paul E., 1886
Shultheis, Charles R., 1865
Sink, June, 1826
Sink, Doris and J.L. Kirkpatrick Beougher, 1886
Smith, Mrs. Cleon, 1847
Smock, John, 1885
Smock, William Gelder and Elizabeth Smock Wickman, 1856
Snoeberger, Mabel, 1872
Snoeberger, John E., 1863
Snoeberger, G. Richard and Wiladean Snoeberger, 1848
Snoeberger, G. Richard and Wiladean Snoeberger, 1865
Soyland Farms, 1854
Sparks, Barney V., 1834
Spencer, Martha, 1832
Stephen, Grace M., 1878
Stephen, Samuel & Malinda Smith Stephen, 1844
Taylor, Susan Blue, 1848
Thomson, Mrs. James N., 1838
Todd, Rive, 1876
Wagoner, Leland G., 1830
Wasson, Robert L., 1869
Wharton, Mabel P., 1835
Wilson, Nellie and Robert D. Wilson, 1873
Wingard, Robert G., 1842
Wise, Robert L., 1830
Yeager, Helen, 1893
Yeakley, Kenneth, 1853
Yerkes, Dean E., 1856
Yerkes Family, 1914