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Wilson’s Bridge in the Deer Creek Valley Historic District east of Delphi was just rehabilitated to make beautiful and functional improvements to our county roads.  Wilson’s Bridge was named after an adjoining property owner who petitioned for its construction in 1897. The Lafayette Bridge Company fabricated the Pratt through-truss structure for $2,499.  The bridge retains its original truss members and decoratively latticed guardrails.  It was rehabilitated, re-painted, and re-opened in 2008.

The Xenia Bridge over the Wildcat Creek in the same general area of the county has recently been repaired and re-painted.  It is a Parker through-truss bridge on Prince William Road, a major artery between Delphi and Frankfort in the early days of the county.  The bridge was originally designed by the Indiana State Highway Commission for use elsewhere and was relocated to its present site in 1968.

The Wildcat Creek Indiana Route 75 Bridge is also a Parker through-truss constructed in 1947, re-painted most recently in 2007.   

A great example of a large 1908 Warren pony truss was designed by the Indiana State Highway Commission and moved to span Deer Creek in 1968.  It is on Meridian Road, just east of SR 75, southeast of Camden.