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Stone Barn Park is a small neighborhood park with playground equipment ideal for small children.  It is located on North Washington Street, between downtown Delphi and the Canal.  An open picnic shelter with tables is also included. 

The park is named for the adjacent building on Washington Street, near the Wabash and Erie Canal bed. A unique structure, this building was erected in 1904 by the James M. Peirce Macadam Company for storage of road construction equipment.  Mr. Peirce built several iron bridges and roads in Carroll County as well as the belt line railroad.  The company also quarried and crushed stone.  His father, Peter Peirce came from Ireland and hauled materials for early railroad construction.

The building was later used as the Gustavel Furniture warehouse.  In modern times, it was renovated for senior citizen use with a HUD grant, which also provided the funds for the establishment of a park.  The building is owned by the City and is now used for Senior Citizen meals and activities as well as the offices for the Delphi Parks Department.  The Delphi Lions Club has its meetings here, and the building is available for community meetings and by rental for other uses.