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Wildcat Creek is one of only three officially designated “natural and scenic streams” by the state of Indiana. The north fork of the Wildcat runs through the entire length of southern Carroll County. It presents some of the best canoeing in the state. In addition to the scenic wonders of the creek, the area is invested with an interesting deep-seated history. Among the historic structures of the valley are two covered bridges, an historic iron bridge, a round barn, several historic towns, and the magnificent Adams Mill, an operating grist mill built on the creek in 1845. Truly, the area presents the best of rural Indiana tucked away on one of the state’s premier creeks.
Promoting Wildcat Valley is a civic group centered in the Cutler and Adams Mill area with the purpose of preserving, promoting, and developing the historic and natural resources of the Wildcat Creek region of Carroll County. The community is very interested in continuing its long history of civic involvement and identity. Promoting Wildcat Valley seeks to advance the interests of all of its citizens through projects that address civic concerns and develop the historic and natural resources for its residents as well as for others to enjoy.  

Promoting Wildcat Valley's major long-term project is the rehabilitation the 1848 American House, a stagecoach hotel on the Historic Michigan Road Byway on the north side of Burlington.
Adams Mill is at the center of the region between Lafayette, Kokomo, Frankfort, Logansport, and Monticello. This multi-county area includes a half million people who are really only a short drive from the mill. Promoting Wildcat Valley wants see any future development of the valley’s resources in pleasant, low-keyed ways that fit with the historic character of the community. It seeks attractions families can enjoy in a quiet atmosphere.  
Several recent on-going projects in the area includes recording oral history, the development of the Adams Mill Oxbow Natural Area, a memorial structure for the old church bell at Ball Hill Cemetery, and a neighborhood watch through the sheriff’s department. A major project involved fundraising for and installation of a historical marker in Cutler at the previous site of Cutler School.  Promoting Wildcat Valley has identified a least a dozen other potential projects.
Events at Adams Mill include the Celebrate the Wildcat Creek festival on the first Saturday in June and the Haunted Adams Mill in the weeks prior to Halloween.  See for details.