Parts of Carroll County are served by libraries through direct property tax support, and one town and township (Burlington) support a library through indirect tax support. Several townships in the county do not have tax-supported library service, but they can purchase library cards from the three public libraries. The Library District Map shows areas served through direct tax support.

The libraries offer books and other media for lending and reference, Internet access, and various programs that are detailed at their websites and in a weekly column in the Carroll County Comet. All the libraries offer meeting rooms as well.

Burlington Community Library

Burlington Community Library in Carroll County Indiana

Burlington Community Library is located 101 West 7th Street in Burlington, at the junction of State Roads 29 and 22. The phone number is 765-566-3166. The library does not receive a direct tax levy but is supported by funding from both the town and township. Membership at the Burlington Community Library is open to those living in Burlington Township as well as those living in and around Cutler, Deer Creek, Carrollton, and Bringhurst. There are no membership fees.

Camden-Jackson Township Public Library

Camden-Jackson Township Public Library in Carroll County Indiana

Camden-Jackson Township Public Library
is located at 183 W. Main St. in Camden, phone 574-686-2120. It is housed in an 1869 building that is listed on the Indiana and National Registers of Historic Places.

Delphi Public Library

Delphi Public Library in Carroll County Indiana

Delphi Public Library
is located at 222 E. Main St., Delphi, phone 765-564-2929. It serves Delphi and Deer Creek Township as well as Adams, Jefferson, and Rock Creek Townships. The Northwest Carroll Library, a branch of the Delphi Public Library, is located at 164 W. Forest St. in Yeoman, IN (phone 574-965-2382), for the convenience of residents in the northern townships.

Flora-Monroe Township Public Library

Flora-Monroe Township Public Library in Carroll County Indiana

Flora-Monroe Township Public Library
at 109 N. Center St. in Flora (574-967-3912) provides service to the town of Flora and Monroe Township residents. Democrat Township residents have their library fee paid by the township except for a nominal $10.00 paid by the resident.  

Reciprocal borrowing among the libraries is practiced, and library cards are available from the libraries for a fee. Purchase of a Public Library Access Card offers access to all Indiana public libraries.
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