Wabash and Erie Canal

Wabash & Erie Canal Park is located on the north side of the Wabash and Erie Canal off North Washington Street in Delphi. While its main year-round attraction is its Interpretive Center which contains interactive displays explaining the history and operation of the Canal, there are also numerous other venues within the park.

Hiking, fishing, picnicking, biking, and cross-country skiing are available during the various seasons at Canal Park.

The newest addition is the replica canal boat, The Delphi, which offers rides on the Canal.

Another popular venue is the large playground canal boat near the Canal Center. This provides a sturdy and interesting place for children to explore and play. Adjacent buildings and cabins provide other interpretive experiences such as a blacksmith shop, mule barn, school house, and residence.

A picnic shelter and access to the extensive Delphi Historic Trails are also featured.

Following trails to the east side of Washington Street, the visitor can explore the Canal Park Annex which provides another picnic shelter and houses the new canal boat warehouse.

More complete information about the Wabash and Erie Canal Park and Interpretive Center can be found at their website.

Wabash and Erie Canal Park Attractions

  • Reed Case House – This grand Federal style house was built in 1844 by Reed Case, contractor for building the canal in Carroll County. After moving to a new brick home on Main Street, Case maintained this house on Front Street as an inn for canal travelers and workers. The house was moved to Canal Park in 1983.
  • Van’s Blacksmith Shop/Jim’s Carpentry Shop – This working blacksmith shop was erected in 1991 by volunteers to demonstrate the ancient are of working with iron. 
  • Fur-Trapper’s Cabin – Previously used as a place to repair muzzle-loaders and other guns, this cabin contains Indian and trapper artifacts. 
  • Snack Shack – Formerly the summer kitchen for the Kun’s cabin, now a summer refreshment stand. 
  • Speece Shelter House – Picnic shelter constructed from poplar joists and rafters from the 1840s Speece Warehouse which served the canal north of Delphi. 
  • Boone’s Tavern – A log recreation of an early 19th century meeting place. 
  • Bowen Log House/Canal Inn – Two-story log cabin constructed of ash logs, re-located from near Delphi, this now serves as a Canal-era inn and store. 
  • Railway Baggage Barn – A small baggage building which was relocated near the present railroad tracks which run through Canal Park. 
  • Mule Barn – A barn behind the Canal Center equipped to show shelter for mules that towed canal boats. 
  • Towpath and trails system – The trail and road along Canal Park was once the towpath traversed by the mules and horses pulling the canal boats. Delphi’s Historic Trails provides a map and description of the ten miles of trails. Noble Bikes and Concessions provides rental bikes of all sorts behind the Interpretive Center.
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